Mike has been practicing Krav Maga since 2011 and instructing since 2012. " I am a firm believer in the Krav Maga system. In my opinion Krav Maga is the best real world street oriented self defense system." 

" I enjoyed the experience and I felt that this is something that makes me more comfortable being out and about."   Hector

"The instructor is very personable and thorough in his instruction."   Kristi

"Very helpful and fun. Realistic applications in real world events"   Marina

"Super fun and everyone is so nice and I hope to come again."   Marcie

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Company Profile

Eternity Krav Maga


Founded: 2015

Owner: Michael & Melissa Vravis

Areas of expertise:  Self Defense and Fitness. 


Krav Maga (Contact Combat) is a realistic and street proven system based on the body's natural movement. Unlike other martial arts, Krav Maga is more martial than art.


At Eternity Krav Maga, our goal is to give the tools to keep yourself and loved ones safe. We pride ourselves on giving you best training to prepare you for whatever may come. Practice realistic scenarios in a safe and controlled environment. Not only will you learn to defend yourself in relatively short period of time, but we also provide an incredible fitness program based on the Athlean-X program. If you want to move and look like an athlete, then you will have to train like an athlete. Whether you goal is to learn how to defend yourself or you're just looking for a place to whip yourself into shape, Eternity Krav Maga is the place for you. 

Krav Maga Techniques