Overall, what is your opinion of the entire Boot Camp?

If you were to do this again, what would you do differently?

I have met some incredible women that push me when I wanted to give up.

​It was great, I learned so much about working out properly and eating right and I met so many inspiring ladies.

​I once again looked forward to class and always leave GLAD that I came!

I loved it! I am so much more motivated to get moving and stay active.

​Great Experience, I love the discipline you learn and seeing the weight fall off because of the work we put in is incredible.

​It's been the real kick in the butt I've needed. I love the energy and motivation, I look forward to this part of my day more then any other.

I LOVE it! Amazing people to workout with, I love the workout routines!

Great, comfortable, fun and challenging all at the same time.

​I loved it!  At first I was so nervous, but I am SO glad I did it!

I really liked it because every day was different.

Did you meet your Goals?

I loved doing Abs! One of my favorite parts about the camp for sure!

I really liked them. They were awesome!

Great! The warm ups helped me get ready for the workouts.

I love the warm ups, I've never done abs so much in my life, and it's great!

I would love to do more workouts like in Challenge Week, it really pushes you to the next level!

​I enjoyed the progression of the workouts! I loved working with weights, but the body weight exercises helped me realize where I am in my journey.

​I really liked the high cardio all body workouts, so I wish we did more of those, but all the weight training stuff was awesome and really got me out of my comfort zone.​​

Yes!  I wanted to fit into a tight pair of jeans I have, and now they totally fit better!

YES, I wanted to look and feel better, and I do now, thank you!

​Yes! I wanted to get fit and tone, and I have improved tremendously!

​Yes, definitely!  I wanted to get motivated, tone and have the weight drop off.

Push myself harder with the weights, I was not comfortable with them, & I always thought I needed lower weight, but I bet I could've done more!

Stick to the Meal Plan!

I would meal prep more, and not slack off when I see results.

I would plan my meals better in advance.

Eat MORE food, my food intake was really low.

I wish I could have come to more classes.

What are the Boot Camp Participants saying about the course?

What is your opinion of the Warm-Ups, Workouts & Cool Downs?