Schedule Change Effective 10/23/2017

​​​​​​​*Groin protection is required. Mouth piece, boxing and/or grappling gloves are not required, but strongly recommended.

*Other gear will be required when higher levels are reached.

Suggestions: Bring lots of water, as well as a towel, you are going to work hard and get a good sweat on!

Fit Class/Boot Camp

Our Little Warriors program is very similar to our kids program, but geared to the attention span of our little ones. Even though this is only a half hour class, it is jammed packed with activities and fun drills.**

Little Warriors: An Adult must be present the entire class period.

This is the time when what we teach our kids as parents will stay with them for the rest of their lives. In our kids class we teach our students bully prevention, how to deal with strangers, confidents, discipline, respect, self-reliance, and to be part of a team. All of this while having fun. Come and check us out.**

Kids Krav: An Adult must be present the entire class period.

There is a lot our teens go through now a days. This class prepares your teen for whatever situation may arise. Building skills and confidence through the Krav Maga training, will allow your teen to deal with deescalating or ending an aggressive situation as quickly as possible. Also, with it being a class situation, your teen will also build comradery  and team building skills, all while in safe and fun environment.**

Teen Krav: Teens are joining the adult class, so a parent must participate in the class for safety.

Little Warriors 3-5 yrs 

Kids Krav Maga 6-12 yrs

Teen Krav Maga 13-17 yrs

The adult classes are designed to prepare the individual to protect themselves or someone else if needed from what ever may arise. Here you will learn to protect yourself from a single assailant to multiple assailants, fighting hand to hand to an attacker with a weapon, as well as many other scenarios. These classes are intense, but fun at the same time. It allows you to practice your techniques and scenarios in a safe and controlled environment. Not mention build great comradery with your fellow students. **

Adult Krav Maga 18+ yrs

Little Warriors Classes (ages 3-5years)

Saturday 9:30 am
Friday 4:30 pm

Kids Krav Classes (ages 6-12 years)
Saturday 10:00 am
Wednesday & Friday 5:00 pm Kids Krav

Teen Krav Classes( 13-17 years)

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday  5:00 pm

Adult Krav Classes 18+
Monday - Thursday at 7:00 pm 

Boot Camp - Ladies Only

Monday thru Friday at 8 am

Get ready to bring your true athlete out of you. This will be a heart pounding, sweat fest that will leave you wanting more. Applying the best training to bring the best out of you.*